My YouTube debut..

So I’ve held back making YouTube videos for a number of reasons, but this evening, I picked up whatever courage there was going in North Dublin and made a short video on my pack. I feel I am a little more comfortable speaking to the eternal masses on YouTube than to a crowded room.

It actually took me longer to edit the video for YouTube than it took me to make it. Most of you know the kit I am bringing, but the video is aimed at those who are not familiar with this blog.

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4 thoughts on “My YouTube debut..

  • Great job on your first video! It definitely gets easier the more you do it. Thanks for sharing your packing list. I love hearing why people bring what they do and especially from an experienced peregrino. πŸ™‚

  • That is a short and sweet packing list, all the essentials and nothing more, bravo – very good overview. I am going full on minimalist this year too so I am glad to see I wasn’t missing or forgetting something, it seems so little for two weeks! Also glad you like the sandals πŸ˜€ Buen camino, camigo!

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