The Sounds Of The Camino

As soon as your Camino begins and you start your walk early in the morning, there will be sounds that will be become part of your day, whether they are welcome or not. Some will make you smile, some will annoy, all are part and parcel of the Camino experience. I’ve decided to run down […]

Weekend Watch #48 – Camino Portuguese with Drew Robinson

Drew Robinson is back on the Camino. Six years after he brought us the very popular “Camino de Santiago Documentary – A Journey of the Mind“, he returns to Spain via the Camino Portuguese. This time around he would be joined by his wife and his two-year-old son. The first part of the journey takes […]

Weekend Watch #39 – Along the Way – El Camino de Santiago

It’s been quite a while since I posted a Weekend Watch, so now is a great time to post one of the best videos I have seen. I’ll be honest with you but I wasn’t far from shedding a tear around the 1 minute mark. It confirms my belief that the Camino is much much […]

Weekend Watch #37 – Tom Kilman's Camino

Happy Weekend & Happy Halloween!! It’s that time of the week to post a Camino video! This one is one of the more popular videos on YouTube with over 11,000 views at the time of writing. It is a well put together video of three guys who walk from St. Jean Pied de Port to […]

Weekend Watch #36 – Kate Duszczyk's Camino

Another weekend, and another video from the Camino. I just love this video. It’s so upbeat. If I look at it again, I feel that the Camino Frances will start calling me back again!! I…must…look..away….! 🙂 Enjoy!

Weekend Watch #35 – Strangers on the Earth

I first learned of Dane Johansen at the start of last year from the Beyond the Way series. Dane had walked the Camino Frances in 2014 carrying his cello on his back. Each night, he had performed and recorded Bach’s Six Suites for Solo Cello in churches along the way. He also spoke to pilgrims while […]

Weekend Watch #31 – The Camino de Santiago – A Pilgrim's Journey

It’s the weekend once again and the sun is out in Dublin. I feel it’s about time to post another Weekend Watch. This video has been on YouTube for a month or so now and is probably the most realistic videos I have watched regarding the Camino. The pilgrim, Jamie Nicoll, started his Camino in […]

Weekend Watch #30 – Camino na Saile (Camino by Sea)

This Weekend Watch is a little bit special. The reason for that is because it is not something you come across regularly. The Camino is usually walked and cycled but in this case, a group of men from Ireland decided to embark on the journey to Santiago by boat; in a traditional Irish currach. They […]

Weekend Watch #29 – David Reano's Camino Frances

The newest addition to the Weekend Watch series has been uploaded to YouTube in the last week. Rather than being one video or clip, it is a playlist containing clips of each day of the uploader’s 7 week Camino. While I’m not so much a fan of uploading photo galleries to YouTube, I think it […]

Weekend Watch #28 – Sindre-Almost's Camino

Fear not, readers. Don’t let the title of the post fool you. You have not time-travelled two days into the future. I am merely posting this early as I missed the “Weekend Watch” last week. This week’s video was made by fellow blogger and Camino-lover Sindre Sandvik who walked the Camino Frances in full last […]

Weekend Watch #27 – Beyond the Way – Episode 5

Andrew Suzuki returns with another episode of his excellent “Beyond The Way” series. In this episode, titled “Perfectly Imperfect”, he talks about Dane Johansen who walked the Camino Frances with his cello, performing each night to pilgrims. Dane also produced a documentary about his walk and you can find more information on  

Weekend Watch #24 – A Camino in Pictures

It’s the weekend again and with that news, I bring you a new video! It’s the 24th of this series. This video was taken in May 2015, when I was on the Camino, but was uploaded to Youtube in the last week or so. It contains photos of a couple’s walk through Navarra from Zubiri […]

Weekend Watch #23 – One Minute Camino

Now that Christmas and New Year is over, I have finally arrived back to normality. I seemed to have let the Weekend Watch series drop for the last while so the first video of 2016 is from a guy who has been uploading one minute videos from his Camino. This is unique. What I like […]

Weekend Watch #21 – Camino Ingles

Hi all from a still stormy Dublin. It’s Saturday again and 20 days until Christmas Day! My weekly video for you is one from the Camino Ingles. It is short, at 5 minutes, and what struck me was how quiet it is. I have been looking for videos from the Ingles over the last few […]

Weekend Watch #15 – Magwood's Camino Mozarabe

Phew!..what a busy last few days it has been on ClearskiesCamino!! With the Irish Blog Awards over (big shout out to Wandering On blog for winning the Travel award), I can concentrate on the future for the site. I’m so happy with the support I have received since I started to dedicate a lot more […]